🌱 ‘The Blue Trees’ At Pease Park + ‘White Sands’ Metaverse Getaway

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Hey, Austin! How about we kick this Monday off right. Here’s beginning and end worth knowing today in town.

First, the present weather:

A passing shower or two. High: 84 Low: 64.

Here are the popular narratives today in Austin:

On Sunday, April 3, Austin Mayor Steve Adler reported that he “tested positive for COVID-19,” however luckily his side effects are gentle. He said, “Thanks to the vaccine and booster, I have very mild, if any, symptoms. Diane is still negative. I’ll work and isolate at home until negative and okayed by doctors.” His last open appearance before he found out was on Saturday, April 2, “at the Trans Day of Visibility at the State Capitol,” however presently he will hole up, and data will be refreshed as “more details become available.” For now kindly visit: (KVUE.com) The blue trees at Pease Park, situated at 1100 Kingsbury St., are “part of an art installation with the goal to start conversations about climate change and deforestation.” The craftsmanship establishment called “The Blue Trees” was made by Konstantin Dimopoulos “to help visitors visualize what the community could lose through deforestation.” Dimopoulos said his creation “grew out from this insanity that is deforestation and became really a, what I call, ‘visual scream.’ A call for some sort of sanity to come into place.” He added, “It attempts to give these ecosystems and trees visibility and a voice that they do not have. It brings their visibility to cities, communities and schools throughout the world by using color. It brings the trees to the forefront of our communities, streets and parks.” According to the Pease Park Conservancy website, “the coloring doesn’t hurt the trees or the environment,” as “it’s made from water and chalk.” It will “wash off over the next several months,” simultaneously reflecting “environmental changes that happen over time.” For additional on this story visit: (KVUE.com) Austin business person Adam Hollander as of late sent off “White Sands, a tropical island getaway in the metaverse that people can call home.” Hollander, who burned through $1.2 million cash based on the “technology infrastructure,” said, “A metaverse is a virtual landscape, a virtual world where you can play and learn and work and interact and conduct commerce and do a variety of things that you might otherwise do in the real physical world. We’re moving really as a society towards this concept of having this digital landscape where you can do these things very much how we moved into using social media.” For additional subtleties on this venture, including video and pictures, kindly visit: (KVUE.com)

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