424 Guillermo Andrade x Vault721 Coachella NFT Resort Takeover

Vault721‘s tagline reads, “Web3. IRL.,” and this access-driven curation company seeks to do just that at this year’s Coachella celebration, working with streetwear pioneer Guillermo Andrade as a host for its forthcoming Palm Springs takeover.

As the fellow benefactor and head fashioner of the Los Angeles-based 424 brand – situated on Fairfax – Andrade will loan his design aptitude to Vault721 during ‘Weekend 1’ of Coachella. The NFT-access organization will introduce a few in vogue actuations equipped towards giving celebration participants an outlet to finding the universe of Web3 and plans to demystify the commotion encompassing the metaverse.

Experiential exercises will include: a grown-up like hidden goody chase that replaces the eggs with Ethereum coins, live craftsmanship establishments, and cooked menus from two high-positioning culinary experts, including (*’s) Bravo TV: Season 15 finalist Top Chef and music bunch Joe Sasto.
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