A DAO Just Bought A Sports Team


BIG3, Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 ball association, announced plans to fractionalize its group possession through NFT collectibles prior this month.

On Thursday, the association announced that DeGods, Solana’s greatest NFT project by market cap, is buying every one of the 25 of the Fire-level NFT proprietorship stakes — which run for $25,000 each — in BIG3’s Killer 3s team.

The Fire level is the high degree of NFT possession, giving holders more impact and command over a group. They’ll have something to do with the group’s CEO, president, and VP, as well as protected innovation and permitting privileges.

Killer 3s will likewise wear a DeGods fix on their jerseys.

As part of the buy, those with DeGods NFTs will approach 500 whitelist spots for a sum of 975 Killer 3s Gold-level NFTs — recorded for $5,000 — permitting them to get to the NFTs before they’re sent off. The Gold level offers admittance to game tickets, product, and group choice votes.

CryptoSlam revealed that DeGods has created more than $38 million in exchanging volume to date.

After the declaration, Ice Cube explained that few out of every odd group will adopt a similar strategy as the Killer 3s, taking into consideration the more extensive public to bounce on the NFT possession pattern. All groups’ NFTs will be stamped on Ethereum.

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