‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Comes Back to Twitter, Says He Likes Dogecoin – Decrypt

'Bitcoin Jesus' Comes Back to Twitter, Says He Likes Dogecoin - Decrypt

In his life, Roger Ver has been known for his full-throated help of just two digital forms of money: Bitcoin and, later, Bitcoin Cash. His energy and evangelism for crypto in its earliest days procured him the epithet “Bitcoin Jesus.”

Now he’s promoting the benefits of Dogecoin.

The disclosure came about when Ver emerged from web-based entertainment hibernation on Tuesday to commend Elon Musk’s offered to purchase Twitter. Before that, the Bitcoin OG hadn’t tweeted for a year.

In a resulting interview with Bloomberg, Ver uncovered that he shared Musk’s enthusiasm for DOGE.

“It’s cheaper and more reliable,” Ver said. “If I had to pick three contenders [for the world’s dominant cryptocurrency], they would be DOGE, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.”

Musk has been tweeting about Dogecoin for a really long time and has even ventured to such an extreme as to work in the background with the blockchain’s engineers to change DOGE’s code and assist with making it an optimal cash for exchanges — something both he and Ver think Bitcoin isn’t planned for.

Ver started putting resources into Bitcoin in 2011 when it was exchanging at around $1. In 2014, he claimed the Bitcoin.com space and started utilizing it to instruct general society about Bitcoin.

But a quarrelsome hard fork in 2017 saw the organization fork into two blockchains — Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the last option of which has low expenses and lower clog with the goal that it very well may be utilized for exchanges. Ver, who had pushed for bigger square sizes to build the quantity of exchanges the organization could process, turned into the most noticeable ally of Bitcoin Cash.

He deserted BTC, rededicating Bitcoin.com to Bitcoin Cash.

But Ver actually holds that old freedom supporter ethos that attracted him to Bitcoin and un-censorable cash in any case. Talking about Musk’s obtaining of Twitter, Ver said, “It’ll certainly make Twitter more attractive. I am really, really grateful that Musk is out there calling out censorship.”

And, by its hints, he’d be all for Musk empowering Dogecoin Tips. That could even get him tweeting at least a couple of times a year.

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