Blended Reality Game Reign of Terror Announces NFT Genesis Drop

Mixed Reality Game Reign of Terror Announces NFT Genesis Drop

Morning people Can Get the First NFTs to Play and Stake in the RoT Meta Pre-Game

Fresh off the send off of their pre-game Reign of Terror (RoT), an ongoing strategic game occurring in a blended reality cyberpunk metaverse, has declared its NFT Genesis Drop to give players early admittance to expanded reality gaming. Interestingly, fanatics of 3D gaming can acquire NFTs that can be utilized across the Reign of Terror blended reality metaverse, in the augmented simulation game and genuine inundation, by entering the Whitelist event.

In the RoT NFT game, NFTs are at the focal point of activity stuffed PvP and PvE missions in which players collaborate in crews and loot the abundance of different posses, and furthermore key to overhauling in the game by creating asset rich land. Each NFT from the Genesis series can be utilized in the RoT Meta Pre-Game for marking missions that can net the holder extraordinary things to use in the quick moving toward full send off of the Reign of Terror game in Q2 2022.

Time hangs tight for no man:

What is the NFT Genesis Drop?

The NFT Genesis drop includes top notch 2D generative NFTs to be delivered in four unique rarities. In RoT, every player gets going buying NFT legends and melding them to even out up to perform more enthusiastically missions in this modern, tragic world.

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