Blockchain essential for advanced identifiers

Blockchain crucial for digital identifiers

VIETNAM, April 2 –  

The use of blockchain for computerized identifiers can work with the improvement of e-Government, as indicated by a meeting in HCM City. –  VNA/VNS Photo

HCM CITY –  Blockchain can have a major influence in working with computerized identifiers, working on web-based public administrations and business work rehearses, a gathering heard in HCM City.

Việt Nam has been zeroing in on investigating and applying blockchain, a type of information stockpiling and transmission innovation involving encryption.

Due to its straightforwardness in information sharing, high secrecy and reliability, blockchain is being utilized in numerous ventures like money, strategies and retail.

đỗ Văn Long, board administrator and general head of Việt Nam Blockchain JSC, said that as of late the Government has been zeroing in on advancing the utilization of 4.0 advancements for advanced identification.

“Blockchain is crucial for digital transformation in many industries in Việt Nam, especially for information verification.”

“Digital identifiers provide information to verify a person in an online environment and simplify the interaction between people, businesses and the Government. This can be beneficial for online public services and the development of e-Government.”

Filip Graovac, Việt Nam Deputy Country Representative from The Asia Foundation, said that an individual identifier was vital for social orders and economies.

“People are becoming more and more mobile, and companies are growing dependent on freelance workers. Decentralised digital identifiers can provide access to proof of identity, capabilities, proficiency and other attestations while getting over problems such as loss of data or fake identification,” he said.

“Digital identifiers will bring great changes, so we should be careful not to let them be misused for violations of personal identification regulations.”

According to different specialists at the meeting, framework security is vital for this framework. Clients should be permitted to have control of their advanced identifiers and know when who and why they are being shared.

The meeting was held by Việt Nam Blockchain JSC, The Asia Foundation Việt Nam, and HCM City Information Security Service Company. –  VNS

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