Cardano-based Metaverse Cardalonia Integrates Adahandle, Set To Release First Play To Earn Game Trailer

Cardano-based Metaverse Cardalonia Integrates Adahandle, Set To Release First Play To Earn Game Trailer

As Cardano’s environment of decentralized applications is building up momentum, its lead Play-to-Earn item, Cardalonia, opens new recurring, automated revenue potential open doors for its enthusiasts.

Nowadays, gamers benefit from blockchain ideas, for example, NFTS to make games a wellspring of diversion as well as a recurring, automated revenue stream.

As metaverse games keep on detonating, engineers are continually dealing with working on the utilities of the DAO tokens controlling the metaverse games while additionally presenting additional procuring valuable open doors for players.

Cardalonia is one such game based on the Cardano network fueled by the $LONIA utility token

Cardalonia ($LONIA), a multi-item Play-to-Earn biological system on the biggest Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain, Cardano (ADA) reported through a medium post that it has effectively coordinated Adahandle in their Cardalonia adaptable marking vault.

Users who have a functioning $LONIA token stake can decide to show their Adahandle addresses.

Unlike conventional marking choices utilized by most of marking conventions, Cardalonia marking vault permits its clients to not just appreciate periodical prizes without their $LONIA tokens leaving their wallet, yet it likewise opens the exceptional advantages of the Cardalonia biological system utility symbolic like DAO administration, whitelist admittance to the land pre-deal thus on.

Auto-compounding and adaptable marking work in basically the same manner to these tasks in Cardano’s ADA marking pools. According to the assessments of the Cardalonia group, clients can appreciate up to 20-25% in annualized yield on their LONIA stakes.

In complete, 20,000,000, or 20% of the accumulated LONIA supply will be utilized to animate the beginning phases of Cardalonia biological system’s progress.

The Cardalonia metaverse is a connecting with and fun virtual reality where $LONIA DAO token holders can gain 3D NFT symbols, land, mingle, play, exchange, and take part in occasions to procure rewards.

Cardalonia will permit players to construct their own encounters on the metaverse. The venture’s group plans to form the stage into a decentralized, multi-player, and multi-chain environment of various interconnected worlds.

LONIA Token Seed Sale up and running

Currently, LONIA token isn’t accessible on standard unified and decentralized trades; hence, the best way to get LONIA is to partake in its seed token delivery round coordinated on Cardalonia’s fundamental website.

To get LONIA tokens, clients ought to click “Buy” on Cardalonia’s true site. As of June 2022, the Cardalonia group offers LONIA at around 13 $LONIA tokens for each ADA and more than 35% of the portion has been filled. The seed deal round closes in 9 days.

In all, the Cardalonia group apportioned 15,000,000 LONIA for this occasion out of its circling supply. Seed members can contribute 250 ADA minimum.

Features of Cardalonia

Cardalonia has a few highlights on its metaverse stage to support the environment’s utility and give clients value.

Besides adaptable marking on Cardalonia’s local vault, the proprietors of LONIA tokens will actually want to buy virtual land and other selective in-game resources in Cardalonia’s reality. The two resources and land plots can then be shipped off the commercial center where Cardalonia devotees can trade or exchange them. Cardalonia will have its own NFT commercial center, named Cardalonia Market.

Land plots, very much like land in the “physical” world, can be “developed” – utilized for making Metaverses and for renting. Later on, these Metaverses will actually want to have different virtual exercises, for example, gambling clubs, P2E games, music listening meetings, jams, shows, shows and significantly more. In Cardalonia, landowners can acquire rental pay from renting their possessions to friends and outsider tenants.


Players can raise their ongoing group individuals to make new factions. These new tribes have one of a kind and uncommon elements that assist with expanding players’ revenue.

Cardalonia Marketplace

This is an in-house NFT commercial center where clients can rundown, purchase, and sell their Cardalonia collectibles. In the commercial center, players can buy land, purchase and exchange Avatars, as well as in-game enhancers and diamonds. The commercial center is right now under development.


Cardalonia as of late sent off its marking stage, permitting clients to begin marking their tokens following gaining them. Clients can acquire up to 25% APY on their marked tokens.

Cardalonia will disclose its NFT family with “playable avatars.” These imaginary people will be incorporated into the interactivity of the Cardalonia world. According to the task’s documentation, there will be four families in Cardalonia’s environment: OGs, Royals, Lords/Knights and Peasants.

These factions will contend with one another for scant assets, including Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Wood and Food.

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