Cardano NFT: Clay Nation – The Cryptonomist

Cardano NFT: Clay Nation – The Cryptonomist

This week’s visitor on the Cardano NFT Column is an NFT and metaverse project that has the idiosyncrasy of having its pieces handcrafted out of clay: Clay Nation.

Last week’s guest was an NFT project that algorithmically produces creative translations of your number one places

This drive is a perspective for NFTs on Cardano and consistently or two we will welcome somebody to respond to certain inquiries and give us an update straightforwardly from inside the Cardano community.

Considering that a considerable lot of our perusers are new to the crypto space, we will have a mix of basic and specialized questions.

Cardano NFT project: Clay Nation

Cardano NftCardano NFT project Clay Nation highlights hand tailored earth figurines

Hey, astounding to have you here. Might you at some point enlighten us a piece concerning yourselves, where are you from, what are your backgrounds?

Lenna and Issy (Co-organizers) began in April 2021, and from that point forward our group has developed to incorporate an assorted blend of gifts and characters, from everywhere the world. We are united by a common love of mud, decentralized advancements, imagination and innovation.

Each part brings something special from past lives however with a common love of good flows, and doing things right – to assist the more extensive community. Lenna has recently worked for IOHK, and been a functioning individual from the Cardano people group from the early days.

Why Cardano? What has enthralled you about this specific blockchain and what benefits does it bring?

Cardano is our underlying foundations – we became hopelessly enamored with the ethos, manageability component and local area of Cardano from right off the bat. It has consistently felt like the regular home for a venture, for example, our own, we were dynamic locally preceding Claymates, and it feels we have developed together.

Cardano offers us, as makers, the chance to allow our inventiveness to run free, to consider new ideas, be imaginative and interface with the local area. It permits us not to simply be a venture on a blockchain, yet a Cardano people group project – and that is unique.

Please educate us concerning the creation of Clay Nation, from the thought and the trim to the printing and presently the new metaverse landsale.

We began with restricted version, collectable, stop-movement activitys, which were frequently tributes to notorious figures in the Cardano community. Our absolute originally was dropped a little more than a year prior – “Charles Birdkinson” and printed in the old style where individuals hung tight a long time for their NFT! After a progression of fruitful drops (for example The Claymates S1/2) we started to investigate forming this underlying idea into the inexorably famous algorithmically produced profile picture NFTs.

This drove us to make Clay Nation – making something special and unique, and the direct made generative NFTs on Cardano. Following the arrival of Clay Nation we had the mind boggling an open door to work with Good Charlotte, making our joint effort and drop that was a restrictive advantage to existing Clay Nation holders – and furthermore bringing the music business’ eyes and interest on the planet and conceivable outcomes of Cardano NFTs.

This has prompted the new declaration of our collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Champ and the team, which was a little glimpse of heaven – and the Twitter Space with Charles Hoskinson and Snoop was something we actually squeeze ourselves over! The year has additionally seen numerous different features, including CLAY on the NASDAQ in New York – and meeting our local area individuals in Clay meet-ups in London and New York.

Img Internanft2Snoop Dogg, Champ and Charles Hoskinson having a chat

What is your vision for Clay Nation? What encounters would you like to make for individuals associating with your NFTs and metaverse?

We’re so invigorated with where we are in the improvement of Clay Nation. We have the most phenomenal local area with such a mind blowing scope of abilities and ideas. Obviously we have our own arrangements, which are going perfectly and will be uncovered as we go, yet we are additionally truly eager to perceive how individuals create and make their own vision in the space.

We consider Clay Nation to be a celebration climate, a spot to hang out, appreciate and have a great time! We as of now have so many local area individuals with inventive thoughts and plans for their own pitches and need to assist them with making their fantasies. Music and local area good times will have a tremendous influence of the Clay Nation metaverse and the energy will be – CLAY!

We’re likewise anticipating meeting individuals at the CNFTcon in Vegas in October, and the Rare Bloom occasion this year – where the group will be exhibiting Clay and meeting the local area – being loads of fun is going. We can hardly hold on to share more, yet for the present you’ll simply must show restraint to see what comes straightaway!

Fabulous. Any last comments? Where can individuals track down you?

Our Linktree is the spot to go. You can track down data about Clay Nation on our site, and our Clay Paper is delivered and refreshed routinely to keep individuals educated regarding the most recent developments. We invite individuals to come into our friendly Discord server where the local area are truly eager to assist answer questions, or go-to people in the correct course to figure out more about Clay.

You can follow us on Twitter, and right now our Clay Mates, Clay Nation and Pitches are accessible for purchase on secondary marketplaces only.

Clay on!

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