Champs of fourteenth Annual Shorty Awards Announced, Will Receive NFT Trophies

Winners of 14th Annual Shorty Awards Announced, Will Receive NFT Trophies

NEW YORK- – ()- – The Shorty Awards, which respects the best happy and missions of advanced and online entertainment by offices, brands, and associations, have reported the current year’s champs.

A few eminent victors include:

“Challenging times foster innovation – and this year’s Shorty winners are proof of that fact,” said Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The Shorty Awards, Greg Galant. “These pioneers have redefined the possibilities in the digital and social space and set the bar on excellence. They point to where we are headed as a culture.”

Notwithstanding the brand name sparkly whale story sculpture, champs at the fourteenth Annual Shorty Awards will be among the very first to get a NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Trophy.

The Shortys have collaborated with the innovation and advancement stage Non-Fungible Trophies to make the NFTs and ensure their festival in ceaselessness on the blockchain.

“We love the idea of recognizing and rewarding our entrants’ innovation with cutting edge technology,” Galant said. “Non-Fungible Trophies are the future.”

Read more and view the full list of winners


The Shorty Awards (otherwise called “The Shortys”) respects the most inventive work in advanced and online entertainment by brands, offices and associations.

Established in 2008, the Shortys’ remarkable past champs incorporate Malala Yousafzai, Trevor Noah, Michelle Obama, Conan O’Brien, Lady Gaga, Tyler Oakley, as well as brands like Marvel Studios, HBO, Red Bull, Airbnb, Nestle, and BMW.

The Shortys’ central goal is to praise, rouse and push the limits of greatness in advanced narrating. Sections are decided on the benefits of imagination, methodology and commitment by the Real Time Academy, a collection of hand-chose industry specialists and pioneers. People in general can likewise make an appearance and select their number one Shorty Awards competitors during Audience Honor Voting.

As of now the Shortys have two yearly contests, the leader Shorty Awards and Shorty Impact Awards devoted to respecting the best work with a positive social effect.

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