Chinese producer, craftsman and powerhouse Yi Zhou has sent off a bunch of organizations that have started making highlight motion pictures for the metaverse.

Zhou, who withdrew China in 2011, prepared in Paris and London, prior to getting comfortable Rome for a long time where she functioned as an establishment craftsman, style force to be reckoned with for Chinese streaming site Tudou (presently part of Alibaba) and short movie chief. Three of her shorts have played in Sundance, while one more played at the Venice Festival.

In 2018, Zhou moved to Los Angeles to expand her attention on creating amusement tries. In 2021, she sent off U.S.- based Into the Sun Entertainment and Into the Sun Films in Italy.

Into the Sun portrays itself as “adopting a material-first, platform agnostic philosophy” and embracing disturbance in the diversion environment, through which it “aims to connect smart stories and direct engagement with audiences looking for elevated content.”

Through these organizations and one more auxiliary in Hong Kong, Moon Prism Entertainment, she has started work on a concentrate from her impending “Stars and Scars” a sci-fi-drama feature, which will shoot not long from now in Italy on a careful spending plan answered to be $20 million. The film is a modern story about affection, recuperating and trust set in 2080.

The Metaverse extricate is being done in cooperation with Effetti Digitali Italiani (EDI), a main Italian special visualization organization, with Into the Sun giving all inventive and EDI directing actual creation. The storyline follows the two leads, May and Simon, as they return to the metaverse, a youth jungle gym like climate. Since the start and the finish of people groups’ lives both include a sort of early stages of the brain and body, they look for components of progenitors which could be resurrected.

(A related project, a short film called “Prelude to Stars and Scars” was introduced at the 2020 SF3 Smart Fone Flick Festival.)

Zhou will introduce the “Stars and Scars” metaverse creation during the Cannes Film Festival and the Cannes Market in May. Into the Sun will deal with appropriation and permitting in both this present reality and in the metaverse.

“We are excited to launch a metaverse studio for content,” said Zhou. “We believe it has a fast-growth potential for business and creative minds.”

Beyond the “Stars and Scars” universe, Zhou is dealing with two different ventures. Zhou is creating both a film and TV series about Italy’s Royal House of Savoy and Queen Marie-José, Italy’s wonderful, extremist and last sovereign. Zhou is likewise executive producing the TV series “Kompromat,” in view of the acclaimed memoir, “Kompromat: My Story from Trump to Mueller and USSR to USA,” by Giorgi Rtskhiladze.

Zhou as of late transformed an assortment of four short movies into NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and gave the $100,000 continues from token deals to a United Nations Crisis Relief store on the side of Ukraine. The movies were themed around the possibility of harmony.

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