CHROs banter the ‘Netflix-like’ eventual fate of HR in the Metaverse

CHROs debate the 'Netflix-like' future of HR in the Metaverse

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“Yes, I do believe it does,” Bersin told the board. “I think Zoom… no one would have speculated a long time back that we’d be on Zoom day in and day out. So that worked, Teams worked, email worked, text informing worked, everything works – and in the long run it gets applied in the business local area. I figure exactly the same thing will be valid for the Metaverse.

“I’ve talked to companies that’re doing virtual recruiting events, where young people go to these virtual communities to meet different people inside the company – which is obviously much more efficient than going to a university and sending a bunch of people. And it’ll certainly be used for training. I personally think it’s going to become a pretty significant part of the tech landscape.”

In the arising and at this point obscure universe of the Metaverse, HR should cut out its own job. The quickly developing nature of digitization implies that what we currently see as ‘fanciful’ may one day before long be daily practice. VR, specifically, is being utilized increasingly more frequently in onboarding situations.

“We’re already using virtual reality and adaptive learning in the back of our stores to simulate what the actual store operations are,” added Morris. “I think the Metaverse absolutely has applicability: to your great point, I can see it being leveraged for not only recruiting activities, but also to bring in your communities. So whether that be a community of customers, or cohort in terms of associate resource groups, etc., as well as being sort of a Hangout, when you think about extending the workplace, particularly for employers that have individuals distributed into different locations. That whole ability to create communities, I think can be extended. So I definitely believe on the horizon we’re going to see more interesting use cases.”

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