Collaboration One Lending Expands Blockchain HELOC Program

Synergy One Lending Expands Blockchain HELOC Program

SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2022/PRNewswire/ – – Synergy One Lending’s online choice HELOC item has delivered profits for its advance officials since sending off a year ago. As of late the organization expanded its greatest credit size to $400,000 and added an advance official following entry for usability and further developing the client experience. Also, the HELOC item is currently presented in 20 states on

“We had hoped launching this product before it was truly needed would position us and our loan officers to offer a unique loan product to our clients if the rate environment changed”, said Steve Majerus, CEO of the organization. “Fortunately, we have this in place and it’s ramping impressively.  Our average cycle time from app to fund on these loans is 11 days, so there is a lot of value to our team”.

To find out about S1LHELOC and why top makers are picking Synergy One, kindly contact Aaron Nemec or Ben Green.

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