Could QvaPay Break Through Cuba’s Embargo? Or on the other hand, Is It A Governmental Spy Tool? |

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The banter around QvaPay is simply beginning. From one perspective, the application is an answer for Cubans abroad to send cash to their friends and family on the island.  On the other, it’s blamed for being an observation apparatus for the Cuban Government. However, we should begin all along. Last week, an article in Coindesk got out and about inside bitcoin circles. 

Crypto, is the main choice for Cuban business people to internationally become cutthroat.

– Erich 🇨🇺⚡ (@ErichGarciaCruz) March 9, 2022

Who is QvaPay’s CEO, Erich Garcia Cruz?

In the article “You Would Understand Bitcoin on the off chance that You Were Under Cuba’s Embargo”, QvaPay’s CEO Erich Garcia Cruz praised crypto excitedly. In it, he expresses that bitcoin fixes Cuba’s ban issue. He likewise promotes his own horn, talks on the issues QvaPay settles and predicts Cuba’s hyperbitcoinization. He likewise says:

“Before crypto, no device had been as compelling in getting through a ban that originates before the web itself.

Cubans might not have Visa or Mastercard, yet they have PayWithMoon, which permits us to support a paid ahead of time virtual card with bitcoin (BTC). They can’t utilize banks, however found in bitcoin a public shared bank. They are not acknowledged by Stripe, the omnipresent web installment organization, yet can make moves in seconds through (*’s) Lightning Network.”BitcoinSpeaking about the Lightning Network, the N

ovember 2021 release of Bitcoinist’s “Latin America, Tipping Point” highlights a video of Erich Garcia Cruz utilizing it to pay at an eatery in La Habana. QvaPay’s CEO will be a in Miami.speaker at the Bitcoin 2022 ConferenceAbout his organization,

as:QvaPay defines itself“Your dollar-based advanced account.

With QvaPay you can make your web-based account in computerized dollars and begin exchanging worldwide.

An online installment door for your own exchanges or for the funds of your advanced and actual business.”

However, is QvaPay as blameless as it seems?

Martha Bueno Accuses QvaPay

In the accompanying video, Candidate for Commissioner Miami-Dade District 10 Martha Bueno lays it down. She depicts Erich Garcia Cruz as

and fights his visitor talking job in the “a member of the Cuban Regime,” 2022 gathering in Miami. As per Bueno, the city have Bitcoin and getting him would be “the largest group of Cuban refugees in the world”QvaPay is an application to send settlements to Cuba, however it is extremely hazardous for Cubans! “disrespectful.”

Instead of getting

, Cubans will get useless MLC, or a #Bitcoin coin, and could look as long as 10 years in prison! Be careful! “Chuck E Cheese”- Martha Bueno (@BuenoForMiami)

Then, Martha Bueno goes into QvaPay, summarizing what she says in the tweet, March 14, 2022

coin, and could look as long as 10 years in prison! Beware!”“QvaPay is an application to send remittances to Cuba, but it is actually very dangerous for Cubans! Instead of receiving Bitcoin, Cubans will receive worthless MLC, or a “Chuck E Cheese”After that, she reviles QvaPay as a way for the Government to cover bills on Cubans who get cash from abroad. Furthermore, qualifies the application as simply one more instrument in the Government’s

Her source of inspiration is to ask the “arsenal of oppression.” 2022 gathering to repeal Erich Garcia Cruz’s invitation. BitcoinIs Martha Bueno on to something? Or on the other hand would she say she is overstating? We should look at her receipts. Above all, what is she alluding to with

? As per “worthless MLC”:Cuban Adventures 

“MLC is a term you may hear quite frequently, it stands for Moneda Libremente Convertible, or Freely Convertible Money, which means foreign currency. Although MLC can be EUR, USD, GBP, etc, it is treated as if it’s a currency itself.”So, as indicated by Bueno, government issued types of money are

coins.”“Chuck E Cheese”
BTC cost outline for 03/16/2022 on FTX | Source: BTC/USD on

Btcusd Price Chart For 03/16/2022 - Tradingview

Martha Bueno’s

As display A, Bueno shows screen captures of QvaPay’s CEO gloating about having a client’s

and says: “IP and cookies”. They keep IPs and treats. In view of the idea of the domineering system in Cuba, this could mean prison time for individuals that utilization QvaPay.”“Erich Jose Garcia Cruz tells the world that QvaPay isn’t “anonymous”Erich Jose Garcia Cruz tells the world that QvaPay isn’t

– they keep IP’s and treats. “anonymous”Because of the idea of the domineering system in Cuba, this could mean prison time for individuals that utilization QvaPay.

– Martha Bueno (@BuenoForMiami) #Cuba #Bitcoin

In the past video, Bueno said that the prison time could be as long as 10 years. Is it true or not that she is misrepresenting? As per March 13, 2022

:Diario de CubaSo, definitely. Political dissenters, activists, and columnists may be in a difficult situation on the off chance that they use QvaPay as a settlement administration. Bueno additionally deciphered

“Article 143 of the preliminary draft of the new Penal Code, which the Supreme People’s Court published on its website, establishes that: “Whoever, by himself or on behalf of non-governmental organizations, international institutions, associative forms or any person natural or legal entity of the country or of a foreign State, supports, encourages, finances, provides, receives or has in its possession funds, material or financial resources, with the purpose of defraying activities against the State and its constitutional order, incurs a sanction of deprivation of freedom from four to ten years.”

as a tweet that seems to identify Erich Garcia CruzWhat will occur with this story? Will the “an advisor to the MININT.”

2022 Conference revoke the greeting, twofold down on their choice or simply disregard the allegations? Disregarding the allegations, that has been QvaPay’s CEO methodology up until this point. Bitcoin
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