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Does Mt. Gox Pose a Threat to Bitcoin? Expert Crypto Analyst Shares Insights — TradingView News

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    <p class="">Over the past 24 hours, noticeable bitcoin withdrawals have been recorded from the Mt. Gox exchange wallets, leading to concerns about a potential dip in market sentiment. Here is an expert viewpoint on the situation.</p>
    <p class=""><strong>Recent Bitcoin Movements Linked to Mt. Gox Exchange</strong></p>
    <p class="">Multiple transactions from the collapsed Mt. Gox exchange have been traced on the Bitcoin network within the last day. As the exchange previously announced its reimbursement strategy for creditors, these activities are assumed to be related to the repayment process.</p>
    <p class="">A total of 137,890 BTC have been shifted by Mt. Gox, which is valued at nearly $9.4 billion according to current market prices. This has sparked discussions in the trading community about the impact on market liquidity if these bitcoins are sold.</p>
    <p class="">Correspondingly, Bitcoin's price experienced a downturn of approximately 4% following these developments. The market's initial response has been somewhat pessimistic, while others debate the eventual influence of such disbursements.</p>
    <p class="">In a recent analysis, James Van Straten scrutinized the situation and contrasted the potential aftermath with a different recent market occurrence.</p>
    <p class="">This comparison involves long-term holders (LTHs), representing one of the principal segments in Bitcoin's market based on the duration of investment.</p>
    <p class="">Investors retaining their bitcoins for over 155 days are regarded as LTHs, whereas those accumulating within the last 155 days fall into the short-term holder (STH) category.</p>
    <p class="">Generally, LTHs are seen as steadfast market participants infrequently involved in sell-offs, whereas STHs tend to be more reactionary, often quick to sell during market turbulence.</p>
    <p class="">Despite this, the recent upward momentum in price has incited sales from LTHs, as depicted in the succeeding chart showing their total supply.</p>
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    <p class="">The illustration reflects a sideways movement in the LTH supply over the last few months, following a five-month decline.</p>
    <p class="">During this period, the LTH group diminished their holdings by about 1 million BTC, with 340,000 BTC associated with GBTC disinvestments, even as Bitcoin's price soared to record highs, suggesting the market's capability to absorb such occurrences.</p>
    <p class="">Van Straten acknowledged that the liquidity coming from Mt. Gox’s reimbursements accounts for approximately one-tenth of the LTH selloff volume, and not all recipients may be prone to sell immediately.</p>
    <p class="">Hence, if the demand for Bitcoin stays resilient as it has demonstrated recently, it might withstand the pressure from this payout.</p>
    <p class=""><strong>Current Bitcoin Valuation</strong></p>
    <p class="">Previously escalating past $70,000, the value of Bitcoin has receded to $67,700 following the updates from Mt. Gox's remittances.</p>

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