Days Gone Director Joins New Studio to Create NFT Game Ashfall

Days Gone Director Joins New Studio to Create NFT Game Ashfall

John Garvin, the previous PlayStation engineer that is maybe generally notable for his work on Days Gone, has now joined another studio that is making an undertaking related with NFTs. Garvin is joining individual PlayStation veteran Michael Mumbauer in this undertaking to make a title that will be called Ashfall. And keeping in mind that it is not yet clear what Ashfall will involve, Mumbauer and Garvin are hoping to incline vigorously into the universe of Web 3 with this game.

Mumbauer, who recently worked at PlayStation Visual Arts and helped on projects like Uncharted and The Last of Us, declared the groundwork of Liithos today, which is another computer game studio that will make AAA titles. Liithos has been laid out with the assistance of Hedera, which is an organization that works in blockchain innovation. The primary task that Liithos will deal with is that of Ashfall, which Garvin has been welcomed on to lead as the game’s chief. Ashfall will be a solitary player game at center however will likewise contain multiplayer components are related with both PvP and PvE. Players can likewise exchange and construct different things, through the assistance of the blockchain, which can then help them in-game in different ways.

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