Does the metaverse even exist?

Does the metaverse even exist?
For NoVa’s Scrypted, the future of blockchain and metaverse-based gaming doesn’t need to come from clear tech centers like San Francisco or Austin. There’s a space to cut out here in the DMV.

The Manassas, Virginia-based startup was as of late chosen to take part in the Virginia Serious Games Institute Excellerator, a business hatchery in association between George Mason University and Prince William County. The organization sent off in January with an underlying $100,000 pre-seed round, and organizer and CEO Tim Cotten has huge designs for the remainder of the year.

Scrypted, as of now five representatives solid, is a “metaverse-centric” organization hoping to settle the still-to-be-figured out problems of the metaverse. The organization assists makers with overseeing computerized duplicates of their fine art and expected nonfungible tokens, help those generally in the metaverse game, and make blockchain-based video games.

But, Cotten told, there’s something he needs everybody to know about the metaverse.

“We’re building digital assets for the metaverse, and I think the most important part of that is the metaverse does not exist yet,” Cotten, additionally Scrypted’s CEO. “And anyone who tells you that it exists right now is a liar and a very good marketer.”

The metaverse, Cotten thinks, is actually claiming your own advanced character. Rather than web-based entertainment organizations and others possessing your computerized self, he imagines where the advanced presence can be shared across stages and clients can claim their own virtual resources and accomplishments.

This thought comes, to some extent, from Cotten’s experience of 20 years in the game improvement space. Subsequent to working at game engineers Electronic Arts and Mythic Entertainment, he at last played a job as CTO at Agilla Pro, coordinating things like digital money into the organization’s product. Yet, last year, he understood he needed to be more associated with the metaverse and Web3 spaces, and established Scrypted on Jan. 1. The stage is basically worked with the Ethereum virtual machine, and the games are full-stack in HTML, JavaScript, Python and PHP.

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