FIS is Building the Bridge to the Metaverse: Tips for the New Digital Frontier

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- – ()- – The metaverse is opening another boondocks of chances in the computerized economy. As a monetary innovation pioneer, FIS® (NYSE: FIS) is making an extension from physical to advanced and hoping to upgrade client experience for organizations that are enhancing in this early market.

At its yearly client occasion FIS Emerald 2022, FIS sent off the FIS metastore, which brought the virtual metaverse world into an actual space to give participants hands on experience with crypto and investigate opportunities for new income streams and new client encounters by means of the meta world. Through an in-person retail insight, Emerald gathering participants could buy both actual things and restricted version non-fungible tokens (NFTs), all fueled by Worldpay from FIS® arrangements.

“With the FIS metastore, our goal was to show people the value and opportunities that the metaverse can bring for their businesses and what role FIS can play in global crypto digital exchanges,” said Himal Makwana, SVP, Head of Product Strategy and New Initiatives at FIS. “As the metaverse grows, we are advancing our FIS offerings including crypto technology, expertise and services to clients that want to adapt their assets seamlessly into new digital experiences.”

Five Tips to Engage in the Metaverse

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