For what reason did Epic Games purchase Bandcamp? Perhaps not for the metaverse …

Why did Epic Games buy Bandcamp? Maybe not for the metaverse …

CARY – Conventional insight since Epic Games’ later purchase of popular online music site Bandcamp has been that it is one more advance in Epics fellow benefactor and CEO Tim Sweeney’s vision for a multi-faceted metaverse. Perhaps not.

Rather, the explanation could be connected to Epic’s antitrust suits against Apple and Google over the tech monsters’ forswearing of allowing outside firms, for example, Epic to utilize their own applications for deals of virtual product in the Apple and Google application stores.

So says Tim Ingraham, originator of Music Business Worldwide on the company’s Talking Trends podcast.

“Epic now owns an online retailer that charges its customers just 10-15% commission, and sometimes nothing,” says Ingham, alluding to the 30% rates charged by Apple and Google. “In any case, that retailer has paid out around a billion dollars to specialists, and essentially, it says that it has for quite some time been profitable.

“Epic can now point to Bandcamp as what it might claim to be proof of Apple or Google’s excessive commission fees. In return, Apple or Google won’t be able to attack Bandcamp for running on a broken model, or being unprofitable… because it’s not.”

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