From the Metaverse to a pig-formed truck, hackathon sparkles thoughts to control litter

From the Metaverse to a pig-shaped truck, hackathon sparks ideas to control litter

A hackathon this week produced many thoughts for how Cincinnati can all the more likely control litter. Near 20 groups put in a couple of days chipping away at projects, coming full circle in Friday’s pitch session.

The winning group, Pig 311, pitched a unique sort of dump truck to get individuals talking – one formed like a monster pink pig. Mark Gillespie is a structure reviewer with the city; he says Cincinnati needs a litter mascot.

“So every time you’re gonna pass this garbage truck, you’re gonna talk about it,” Gillespie said. “You’re gonna say like, Hey, that’s Do you remember the pink pig? And it builds on a brand that’s already well established.”

Second place went to a group of young ladies ages 10 to 17 for their plan to utilize innovation, including NFT’s and the metaverse, to handle the issue. Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Klocek pitched the idea.

“One of the technologies is the extruder, which can turn little bits of plastics into any shape you want, and implement those shapes into chandeliers and art pieces for bars and restaurants all over Cincinnati,” Klocek said.

Council Member Liz Keating facilitated the hackathon. She expresses many smart thoughts didn’t win an award, however may as yet turn out to be area of the city’s junk response.

The city administrator’s office will take a gander at every one of the pitches and figure out which ones are feasible.

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