Ganni and Juicy, Hilfiger’s Call, Daniel Patrick’s NFT – WWD

Ganni and Juicy, Hilfiger’s Call, Daniel Patrick’s NFT – WWD

GANNI’S NEW CAPSULE: Danish design mark Ganni is the furthest down the line brand to join the Juicy Couture nostalgic bandwagon.

The co-marked case, dropping Wednesday on the web and coming up, highlights an assortment of items going from covers to T-shirts and the mark velour tracksuit rhinestoned with the two brands’ logos which will be accessible in three colorways.

Ditte Reffstrup, inventive overseer of Ganni said that getting to put a “full of contrasts and personality Scandi 2.0 way of dressing” turn on the “epitome of West Coast fabulousness” was a distinction for the Copenhagen-based brand.

“We worked with logo lock-ups and logomania prints to really turn up the early Millennial vibe. We also added key Ganni silhouettes like our draped mesh dress to fuse the two universes. When Juicy tracksuits became an icon in the early years of 2000, I was in my twenties working in retail in Copenhagen. I remember being obsessed with the look. The rhinestone embellishments, the colors, it was such a strong look,” she said.

Reffstrup likewise accepts that the startling juxtaposition of the two brands causes the brand’s crowds to feel fun and fresh.

“Both Ganni and Juicy Couture present a colorful, bold and inclusive universe. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, encouraging self-expression and above all, having fun while doing it. It’s also been a lot of fun working with Juicy on creating a full range of responsible products. It’s Juicy Couture’s most responsible iteration of their iconic tracksuit to date, as we were able to collaborate with them on introducing recycled and certified organic fabrics,” she said.

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