Genesys Network – A Unified Ecosystem for All Blockchain

Genesys Network – A Unified Ecosystem for All Blockchain

Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Genesys Network is an exceptional stage that offers all Blockchain administrations on a solitary biological system. It is a special blend of the local area arrangements and DeFi Blockchain environment. The organization’s NFT Marketplace offers a dependable stage for NFT specialists to sell their specialties alongside copyright support.

Multiple Blockchain stages accessible available deal various administrations, right from making your own dapps, crypto wallets, and complete trades. Notwithstanding, partitioning your resources on such different stages can be drawn-out. Also, these stages likewise have their particular weaknesses. Hence, Genesys Network has presented an across the board decentralized stage including all Blockchain administrations to conquer the current Blockchain issues. This bound together stage joins the DeFi Blockchain innovation biological system and local area arrangements, creating a quicker and more versatile NFT commercial center and token.

What is Genesys?

Genesys Network is a remarkable spot highlighting both Blockchain administrations and items in a single spot. The stage includes an NFT Marketplace tying down craftsman copyrights and killing occurrences because of absence of safety in existing Blockchain stages. The organization additionally offers utility and administration tokens like the Genesys and Blue Lotus. These tokens permit clients to exchange and give benefit to holders.


The Genesys tokens are crucial for trade on the DEX, while the Blue Lotus tokens assist with decentralizing choices in the biological system. The biological system is ideally suited for catering the appearance of multi-chains. The stage offers the accompanying highlights

Genesys View

It is the stage worked for financial backers to screen the market inside Blockchain networks like the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Blue Lotus DAO

It is the DEX of the environment working with transformation between different resources. It highlights items like:

Exchange Token Swap Liquidity Pools and others Staking and Farming Lottery Launchpad NFT trade Inicial Lotus Offerings

Blue Lotus Token

The administration token empowers casting a ballot and choice to financial backers and holders in the Genesys ecosystem.


It is the essential framework and will hold different items in a bound together environment. The Blockchain network offers a particular character to the ecosystem.

NFT Marketplace

Genesys offers a confided in stage for NFT makers to exchange their crafts. It additionally gives security and copyright support.


As referenced, the organization offers two tokens-

Genesys token-The BEP20 Binance Smart Chain network utility token Genesys (GSYS) will fuel the siphon and push the Genesys Network Ecosystem.  Blue Lotus token-BLUEG administration token is a local area badge of which 10% distribution is for presale, 20% to administration, and the significant part (half) will be towards the environment.

Future path

Genesys is right now in the primary period of its turn of events, acquainting the task with the local area through PR and promoting. The organization will likewise declare private and public presales of both utility and administration tokens. Genesys will deliver its Blue Lotus DAO in the accompanying stages and rundown the two tokens on Blue Lotus DAO and Pancake Swap. In the third stage, the organization will present its NFT Marketplace, dApps, and the sky is the limit from there. They will likewise be incorporating on the Ethereum and Polygon MAIN NET and others.

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