Helping the Fight in Ukraine Through Blockchain Technology

Aiding the Fight in Ukraine Through Blockchain Technology

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It appears as though the greater part of the world is giving their best for offer help to Ukraine, and it was inevitable before an undertaking like StandAgainstWar came into the image to join the blockchain local area. A joint exertion is rarely disregarded, and with the conflict in Ukraine deteriorating every day, a task like this one can go about as light toward the finish of a dim tunnel. 

What is StandAgainstWar All About?

StandAgainstWar is focused on offering help to Ukraine through altruistic gifts, which are all subsidized by blockchain-based advanced workmanship deals. Blockchain innovation and the utilization of savvy contracts permit benefactors to see where the cash is going, and comprehend that they are really having an effect in the Ukraine war effort.

Peace Nightingales – An Exclusive NFT Collection

Peace Nightingales is a novel and elite NFT assortment that is ready for printing. Assuming you’re an NFT or crypto lover, this is the sort of thing you probably won’t have any desire to pass up. This NFT project was made with the sole motivation behind giving guide to war-discolored nations like Ukraine, and it does as such by giving 90% of the all out cost of each printed NFT.

Whenever you buy your very own Peace Nightingale, it’s practically similar to verifying two undertakings of your list of must-dos immediately. In addition to the fact that you are offered a chance to possess an elite NFT, however you can likewise do as such while communicating with the crypto local area and giving to the conflict stricken district of Ukraine. 

Donations Directly to NGOs

The gifts are shipped off the ETH wallets of 17 unique NGO activities, which are all giving help with Ukraine presently. To confirm your exchange as a contributor, the IDs are promptly accessible on the blockchain – to place things into layman’s terms, it’s absolutely impossible that you can get “scammed” by giving through StandAgainstWar.

Constantly Growing

The staying 10% will be spent on the turn of events, advertising, and in general support of the StandAgainstWar project. That as well as 90% of the sovereignties got from the resale of any printed NFTs will be contributed right once more into the ETH wallets of our cooperated NGOs. All of this is automated. 

How Does This Help Ukraine?

StandAgainstWar is an undertaking that flourishes with local area association and offers social help for a country that is in urgent need of it. By just printing a Peace Nightingale, you can straightforwardly uphold a reason that many individuals all around the globe couldn’t imagine anything better than to assist with themselves. 

The project is right now joined forces with 17 distinct NGOs (like Project HOPE) that are working steadily to give on-ground backing to Ukraine by sending clinical guide to medical care laborers, providing food and haven to the families, instructing youngsters thus much more!

Which NGOs Does StandAgainstWar Support?

They are giving their very best for assist Ukrainians with modifying their lives, and this is a chance for you to straightforwardly help them with that. Each of the 17 of the non-benefit associations that they are banded together with at present would be: 

Food forever (Global-Americas)

Project HOPE

World Central Kitchen

Global Fund for Children

Danish Refugee Council

Direct Relief

United Way Worldwide

SOS Children’s Villages

ActionAid USA

Save the Children



Mercy Corps


International Fund for Animal Welfare

WONDER Foundation

Committee to Protect Journalists 

Want to Learn More About Stand Against War?

If you’re hoping to have an effect in Ukraine, and help a nation that is loaded with war reclaim its humankind, this is your opportunity! Certain individuals will go around there and battle themselves, yet in the event that you can’t do that, joining the StandAgainstWar family is seemingly the following best thing.

With a group that is wealthy in experience with regards to running fruitful crypto projects, this positively appears as though something you would rather not pass up. Become familiar with the venture and remain refreshed for a delivery date by looking at (*’s) official site and including them StandAgainstWar, Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.Instagram

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