In Another Step Towards Building Metaverse-Scale Blockchain Infrastructure, Elrond Announces That Web3 Data Brokerage Platform Itheum Will Debut On Its Strategic Launchpad

Dubai, UAE, ninth March, 2022,

Elrond, the organization creating web scale blockchain innovation to locally available the following billion individuals into Web3 and the Metaverse, has declared its essential help for Web3 information business stage Itheum, which will make a big appearance on Elrond’s essential send off stage, the Maiar Launchpad.

Itheum is determined to move the basics of the web economy away from the uneven promoting model, where client information is openly assembled and utilized by tech stages, towards a cooperative model where the impetuses for information makers and buyers are completely aligned.

“Some of the brightest minds of our generation and insane amounts of resources are increasingly focused on finding new ways to harvest data from users and selling it further for ads.” said Mark Paul, Itheum CEO. “If we empower users and businesses to own their data and derive value from it, the internet can progress to a new level of usefulness and trust, a solid foundation for the next territory for human evolution: the Metaverse”.

By utilizing Elrond Network’s adaptable blockchain innovation, Itheum will make the reason for everybody wherever to deal with their own information as resources. Making things a stride further, Itheum is additionally inferring NFT innovation to make NFMe ID-s, “soulbound” Data Avatars for the Metaverse.

“The elements are in place for building a compelling environment where adventure, exploration, and curiosity are elevated to unprecedented levels of immersiveness and unique relevance.” said Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO. “Data will be the building blocks of the Metaverse, and Itheum is creating the premise for everyone everywhere to share in the significant upside potential of this untapped new economy.”

NFMe ID innovation will empower clients to add a metadata layer to their ordinary symbol, and have more rich and tweaked encounters, while changing over their information into a normally repeating revenue stream for the new Metaverse economy.

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