Individuals ‘lost interest’ in metaverse, says Epic Games executive

People ‘lost interest’ in metaverse, says Epic Games exec

CARY – While innovation organizations are putting resources into the metaverse, including Epic Games, one of the Cary-settled organization’s chiefs told Yahoo Finance recently that individuals may not be interested.

Marc Petit, a VP and senior supervisor of Unreal Engine at Epic Games, told Daniel Howley, a Yahoo Finance journalist, that “people have kind of lost interest in the metaverse because characters look like cartoons with no legs.”

Howley noticed that the remarks could be perused as a hidden assault on Facebook parent organization Meta, which changed the organization’s name and brand last year to all the more likely relate to the arising commitment of a metaverse where individuals can encounter reality in a three-layered, expanded computerized space.

Meta declared, then released, the “Horizon Worlds” platform last year.

It’s not simply Meta that demonstrated an interest in store for the metaverse. Amazing Games, as well, raised $2 billion from financial backers to make investments in the metaverse, as indicated by earlier WRAL TechWire reporting.

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