Is it safe to say that we are bound to work in the metaverse?

Meta Quest headset

In a new meeting with Lex Fridman, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg described a future in which our working environment would exist in the purported “metaverse.”

Our drive would include minimal more than slipping on a couple of computer generated reality (VR) goggles. Once jacked in, we’ll collaborate with associates through symbols, go to gatherings, give introductions and take care of every one of our responsibilities in a VR world.

Instead of sitting at a work area before a console and screen, we’ll rather sit before a virtual console and virtual screen, taking care of our responsibilities as in the past, however all virtualized.

Zuckerberg determined the virtualization of even positions that including composing – like composition and coding – where VR would be desirable over genuine reality since you could have a virtual screen of any size – “your ideal workstation,” he said.

That situation, he said, is “no more than five years off.”


, 2022-03-17 10:00:00

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