Is Kanye West Warming to NFTs and the Metaverse?

Is Kanye West Warming to NFTs and the Metaverse? French Montana Thinks So

Rapper Kanye West, who when gotten some information about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) once said, “Do not ask me to do a f**king NFT,” may gradually be coming around regarding the matter, basically partially, because of individual rap star French Montana.

Montana’s remarks came during an appearance at NFT Miami (April 1-3) in advancement of his most recent collection, Montega, which will incorporate a 10,000 in number NFT arrival of playable GameFi NFTs in a joint effort with Radio Caca.

According to the French-Moroccan rapper, who has completely embraced crypto, interest, and understanding in NFTs is a generational thing.

“You tell somebody NFTs, their first answer back, ‘I live in the real world. I don’t live in the metaverse, I live in the universe.’ So it’s like, how can you even have a conversation with somebody, you know. But when I speak to my little brothers and I speak to the young guys, they have more of an idea about it, my son and everybody like that. So I gotta follow the new generation,” he said.

Kanye and Montana collaboration

French Montana as of late worked together with West on his latest collection Donda 2, which has just been delivered on STEM player, a MP3 player and remix gadget made by West and Kano Computing, retailing at $200.

Montana is currently in conversations to consolidate his new collection on STEM, and while chatting with West he’s been putting forth the defense for NFTs and the metaverse.

“So me and him [West] still going back-and-forth cause he’s one of the people that talks about ‘the universe not the metaverse.’ So we’re going back and forth. Shoutout to Kanye cause he definitely supports the idea, he’s open-minded to it,” expressed Montana prior to adding, “And me and Radio Caca is this close to bringing the STEM player to the metaverse.”

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