Kickstarter Criticized For Forming Partnership With Celo

Kickstarter Criticized For Forming Partnership With Celo

Kickstarter – a well-known venue for crowdfunding – is being criticized on the behalf of its community due to its decision to have development by partnering up with a mobile-focused open blockchain named Celo.

Kickstarter condemned over thinking about a decentralized service

On Thursday, it was revealed by Kickstarter to have strategies for the development of a decentralized type of protocol on Celo (a blockchain that mainly runs on mobile). As per the team of Kickstarter, a unique open-source, as well as decentralized model, would increase the possibility for the people to initiate as well as fund the developmental projects anywhere.

Following its development on a blockchain such as Celo, the platform of Kickstarter can eliminate the indulgence of gatekeepers and intermediaries. Thus, the company states that it expects to minimize the struggle as well as fundraising process would become more convenient for numerous people who have been unbanked across the globe.

Nonetheless, the blockchain strategies of Kickstarter have been criticized much intensely on the behalf of the community thereof. The commentators within the social media along with the consumers of Kickstarter – including prominent designers and artists – voiced their concerns regarding the venue’s decision for selecting a model of blockchain.

A pivot of blockchain could probably be a huge enhancement catalyst to assist Kickstarter. Nevertheless, having its base on the new developments, it is signified that several of the complaints from the existent consumers thereof are resiliently against the concept.

The criticism

Displeased customers posted their voices on the venues of social media, including Reddit and Twitter, regarding the blockchain plans of the firm. The reaction has been caused by the clients’ alleged assertions that the platform’s blockchain plan would be harmful to the ecosystem.

A Korean American designer of games named Jeeyon Shim noted in a Twitter post that the consumers were utterly disappointed because of the respective collaboration and persuaded Kickstarter to modify the decision thereof. He added that they consider the stewardship of the environment as a fundamental value.

Elizabeth Hargrave – another critic of the Kickstarter-Celo collaboration – noted that blockchain is known to be an environmental catastrophe and she will never be in favor of it. Although the environmental concerns dealing with Proof-of-Work (PoW) chains such as Bitcoin (BTC) are existent, it is crucial to differentiate between the BTC’s PoW and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) – a far more energy-effective consensus mechanism – rather than utilizing energy-demanding computations for the validation of blocks – the validators of blockchain secure the respective network through utilizing tokens to be a stake for the transactions’ validation.

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