Kidscreen » Archive » What kids really think about the metaverse

Kidscreen » Archive » What kids actually think about the metaverse

Although we’ve been discussing transmedia for north of 10 years at this point, the structure it takes continues to change. This moment, it’s being reshaped — and exchanged — as the metaverse, a nebulous structure charged by techcos and savants as the eventual fate of how we will connect with media and brands. Be that as it may, does the term metaverse have reverberation beyond business visionaries, media aggregates and adventure capitalists?

KidsKnowBest needed to listen less to the adults pitching the metaverse and more to the youngsters taking part in it. We asked in excess of 600 children in the UK and US what they know about the metaverse (subjectively) and surveyed thousands more. Their responses give intriguing, and frequently surprising, bits of knowledge about children’s assumptions on the ground, and furthermore about the convergences where organizations can meet them.

What they know

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