Ladies in Blockchain: Yana Novikova Gets it Done

Women in Blockchain: Yana Novikova Gets it Done

Yana Novikova is determined to tackle complex issues before they really become issues. In her seven years at Ripple, Yana has moved toward each test with the assurance to observe clearness in intricacy by utilizing her abundance of involvement and industry knowledge. 

She began her vocation at Ripple as one of the principal item directors chipping away at the specialized convention layer, advanced to driving the On-Demand Liquidity group, and most as of late acquired the job of Head of Product for RippleX. 

Her emphasize bears the cost of others a brief look into her experience, however she is more worried about looking forward, particularly with regards to expecting the requirements of the customer.

“You have to understand the industry and you have to understand what’s important for a customer and when it’s important,” Yana clarifies. “You don’t want to wait for the customer to ask for it. You almost want to already have the product for them before they even come to you.”

She keeps on applying this kind of reasoning as both her job at Ripple and her individual clients – from the undertaking to the designer on the XRP Ledger – develop. She dominates at uniting worldwide cross-practical groups to empower client criticism to be the north star for item development.

Yana is – straightforwardly – continuously pushing ahead. She’ll go for a race to thoroughly consider the most recent work puzzle or go through ends of the week climbing the San Francisco slopes for a perspective on the Bay. Her drive to beat business related obstructions has showed itself into an actual energy, mirroring the fast speed of the crypto business and her fruitful vocation journey. 

With all that Yana’s cultivated, she’s a firm devotee to investing in some opportunity to commend the successes. She’s ventured to the far corners of the planet and, surprisingly, lived and worked in Singapore for part of 2019. 

“Once she is in a social setting, you really realize there’s just so much more to Yana than just pure execution and the hard work that she puts in at work,” says Amir Sarhangi who worked with Yana for more than two years on the On-Demand Liquidity team.

Yana has increased current standards for ladies seeking after professions in crypto, however everybody working in the blockchain business. What’s more she will keep on doing as such for quite a long time to come.

Feeling roused? Look at our vocations page to take your next action and join Yana on her expert journey.

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