Last Fantasy XIV isn’t the metaverse, says chief

Final Fantasy XIV is not the metaverse, says director

The metaverse, or its general concept, is leaving an awful desire for certain individuals’ mouths — in a real sense (i.e., the “pixel-flavored” Coca Cola Byte) and metaphorically. Presently, Naoki Yoshida, the overseer of Final Fantasy XIV, has separated the well known MMORPG from the inescapable metaverse.

In a new meeting with Weekly Bunshun (deciphered by Siliconera), Yoshida talked about the remarks he and his group got from fans contrasting Final Fantasy XIV with the metaverse. Those remarks originate from the way that PC gamers have had the option to make their own symbols and play and speak with their companions in games like Phantasy Star Online and World of Warcraft for more than 20 years, in this manner they’ve been living in the metaverse before it turned into a trendy expression. Yoshida, nonetheless, said he doesn’t see Final Fantasy XIV as a metaverse in light of the fact that he doesn’t connect the idea with entertainment.

“I see the metaverse as a system that replaces reality with a virtual world. So I don’t think the metaverse has anything in common with entertainment,” Yoshida says. “In the metaverse I’m thinking of, people will be able to use an avatar in real life, and take a stroll in Shinjuku or do shopping, just like in real life. Though it might be fun, there’s no entertainment there. ‘What’s so interesting about the systems of our real world?’ is how I feel.”

Several gaming organizations have been putting resources into the sweeping augmented experience throughout the previous a while, including his boss, Square Enix. In a New Year’s letter, President Yosuke Matsuda communicated interest in creating games that include the metaverse and its components, including NFTs and blockchain innovation, which caused discussion for fans who would rather not “play to contribute.”

Yoshida said he would prefer to make something engaging inside an augmented experience that is not by and large the metaverse. In any case, he referenced no plans about such a project.

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