Mark Cuban’s metaverse forecasts from SXSW

Mark Cuban’s metaverse predictions from SXSW

Virtual land is a misuse of money

Cuban clarified that he doesn’t think virtual land is a wise venture. While the mechanical instruments brands need to join Web3 are improving, (for example, NFT creation and blockchain utilization), the test is to keep clients intrigued, making supported investment, he said. 

Commercial land in reality is frequently purchased in light of “location, location, location,” and how much people walking through, Cuban noted. Yet, he accepts the metaverse still necessities more individuals in it before land has esteem. For a brand that has bought land, it probably won’t mean a lot if nobody visits. A test for Web3 will be to make it inviting to an enormous number of individuals, who then, at that point, need to come back. 

“That’s a good way to lose all your money in the metaverse,” Cuban said. “If you bought Times Square in a metaverse where people don’t show up to see it, you’re fucked.”

, 2022-03-15 15:21:25

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