MetaOneVerse is taking crypto, NFT and Metaverse by storm, reporting a hyper deflationary prize based token, utilizing NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain Technologies.

MetaOneVerse is taking crypto, NFT & Metaverse by storm, announcing a hyper deflationary reward-based token, using NFT, Metaverse & Blockchain Technologies.


Dubai, UAE, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – This undertaking has a groundbreaking thought for all individuals related with crypto, bringing virtual NFT, resources and Gaming together to make an always remunerating token alongside virtual resource improvement which will ultimately foster its own Blockchain and Metaverse.


Introduction: MetaOneVerse is a HyperDeflationary Token and full-stack environment with so much modules as MetaVerse Development, Staking, NFT Marketplace, Play to Earn Games and Blockchain.

This project gives a compensating token to help holders with BUSD profits for holding their token with astounding marking APY. They additionally have progressed dex accompanying many elements where financial backers can acquire any bsc-fixed tokens by marking their M1Verse tokens.

MetaOneVerse is supported by large financial backers: UpsilonInvestment, Earnodot, and Capitoinvesta.

MetaOneVerse Token: MetaOneVerse Token chips away at an independent, frictionless, yield cultivating and liquidity age convention. MetaOneVerse Token plans to Bridge MetaVerse Development with NFT Marketplace, P2P games, MetaOne-Verse and Blockchain. This symbolic will be sent off by 21 March 2022 on Pink deal and will be consequently recorded on: CMC, PancakeSwap, PooCoin, and CoinGecko. Their brilliant agreement has effectively passed an audit.

1 Trillion – Total Supply

40% to consume during the launch

10% group assignment with a scope of possession somewhere in the range of 0.5% and 2% per person

5% presale with a maximum of 0.5% per individual held across accounts

12% advertising budget

5% advancement budget

8% liquidity and trade listings

30% pooled

6% of each exchange is reflected to all holders $BUSD

1% of each exchange goes into the Liquidity Pool on Pancake trade to make a steady value floor

1% of each exchange is utilized for key Buy-Back and Burn.

4% of each exchange is shipped off the showcasing wallet to finance promoting, utility turn of events, and local area management

NFT Marketplace: MetaOneVerse Marketplace is permitting clients to exchange NFTs with other local area individuals. MetaOneVerse has a restrictive advanced assortment of NFTs.

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Metaverse: All MetaOneVerse members can enter a full online multiplayer gaming climate, with completely incorporated NFT and crypto-rewards – genuinely a first of its sort in the crypto-verse.

Blockchain : With improvement MetaOneVerse will be fostering its own Blockchain, the Blockchain will work with all exchanges, NFT, Marketplace, Tokens exchanging and Metaverse.

It will be an energy productive, quickest and adaptable blockchain in the industry.

Web3: MetaOneVerse will additionally foster its own Web3 which will empower client to exchange on a decentralized internet based environment in view of the blockchain.Platforms and applications based on Web3 will not be possessed by MetaOneVerse, yet rather by clients, who will acquire their proprietorship stake by assisting with creating and keep up with those services.

If we close then, at that point, MetaOneVerse will have everything in its own biological system that many undertakings show on their guide yet scarcely some of them satisfy it

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CONTACT: Email: data (at) metaoneverse.netMetaoneverse

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