Metaverse: Kakao to start preliminary for metaverse work framework for representatives’ WFH arrangement

Metaverse: Kakao to begin trial for metaverse work system for employees’ WFH setup

Kakao Corp. is set to test its metaverse work framework that will permit its representatives to remotely work. As a component of the new arrangement, organization staff will be expected to telecommute no less than four days out of each week beginning on July 1, when the preliminary has been planned to commence.

According to The Korea Herald, for the days that are not shrouded in the metaverse work framework, representatives should meet disconnected, yet this doesn’t imply that they need to assemble in the organization office. A Kakao official made sense of that this disconnected get together could likewise occur some place else.

On the other hand, for the virtual plan, all that connected with work will be completely directed on the web. Representatives will be associated with their collaborators in the virtual space or the metaverse. They will utilize voice, text, and video calls to convey, contingent upon the circumstances.

The voice call framework will allow staff to converse with one another progressively, and it was uncovered that Kakao has thought of this metaverse work structure after it had to change to remote working after the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. As the organization fosters the framework, it found that what is more significant is the means by which the staff works than where they do their work.

“After experiencing remote work over the past two years, we have concluded that ‘connection’ is more important than physical space,” Namkoong Whon, Kakao’s CEO, said in a press release. “The metaverse work system, which is centered around connection, will help our crew’s efficient work and we support it becoming a culture that spreads throughout the Kakao community.”

The organization likewise made sense of how the representatives could function in the metaverse climate that it will execute soon. “Kakao has prepared a ‘ground rule’ so that employees can collaborate efficiently in the metaverse working environment, and will have a beta operation period until the metaverse work system is settled,” the organization stated.

Kakao added that during the beta time of the metaverse work framework, it will notice and shape better approaches to improve or work on the parts that laborers will see as troublesome or convoluted. It will likewise be open for the representatives’ ideas to make the functioning framework even better.

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