BOSTON, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Mystic Moose, the free game designer behind the web3 gaming metaverse Planet Mojo, appeared today first realistic trailer with a public delivery on Planet Mojo’s website and YouTube channel. Cinematic Collector’s Pass NFTs are likewise being proposed to local area individuals who sign up on to commend the milestone occasion.

The exceptionally expected trailer was made in a joint effort with San Francisco-based Swordfish, whose skilled group incorporates previous individuals from Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) and Pixar. Inlet Area Sound gave the music and audio cues. It offers the principal take a gander at the puzzling mechanical intrusion that endangers the normal universe of Planet Mojo. “But out of darkness, light always rises,” as the boss Brooka Clawhaven, the trailer’s storyteller, explains.

Featured inside the trailer is the principal grown Mojo — a mysterious, human, plant-based animal that should ascend to confront the destructive danger. Magical elements are the core of Planet Mojo and will be vital to the different types of interactivity, including a forthcoming auto chess game called Mojo Melee, the Biomes land-based game, and other interconnected encounters, which are all based on the Polygon network.

“The Mystic Moose team is excited to progress the story of Planet Mojo through this amazing new trailer,” said Mike Levine, Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “Working on this with old friends from Swordfish was a blast. Their team is top notch and helped us create something truly magical.”

The trailer’s public delivery happens closely following a significant achievement for Planet Mojo. Moj-Seed NFT holders — early allies and local area individuals from Planet Mojo — grew their exceptional Mojos, uncovering the supernatural animals’ stand-out mixes of attributes interestingly on June 23.

Looking ahead, the auto chess game Mojo Melee will be delivered before very long. Planet Mojo will grow over the long haul to offer different games and encounters that disclose a greater amount of the metaverse’s story.

Mystic Moose has raised more than US$9 million from accomplices, including Animoca Brands, Courtside Ventures, Alameda, Spartan, Republic, Sfermion, Merit Circle, and others. Look at for refreshes and to get familiar with Planet Mojo’s vision and roadmap.

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a Web3 gaming metaverse being worked by Mystic Moose. Set on a rich, puzzling outsider world, players will contend utilizing their NFT-based modified groups in a set-up of player-versus-player (PvP), play-and-procure games and esports competitions, including a presentation auto chess title. Visit to figure out more.

About Mystic Moose

Mystic Moose is a decentralized free improvement studio contained game industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant. The organization is upheld by industry pioneers, including Animoca Brands, Courtside Ventures, Republic, Sfermion, and Alameda. Spiritualist Moose is settled in moose-filled Conway, MA.

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