Reggie Fils-Aimé has by no means shied away from making daring bets about the way forward for video video games.

The former president of Nintendo of America’s 15-year tenure on the firm was marked by stratospheric hits (The Wii! The DS! The Switch!) and the occasional head-scratching miss (The Wii U! Nintendo Labo!).

Although he retired again in 2019, he’s simply as optimistic about the way forward for the trade as ever — and nonetheless satisfied that video video games could make the world a greater place.

That’s notably the case relating to an oft-discussed, little-understood idea that’s more likely to immediate a weary eye-roll from players and trade observers alike. Sure, Reggie Fils-Aimé desires you to present the metaverse an opportunity.

“I believe the true metaverse will have a common currency and common development infrastructure. It will be highly social in a way that’s digital but also allows you to interact with your real-life friends and real-life experiences,” Fils-Aimé tells Inverse. “That’s the way I define the metaverse, and I’m a believer in that vision.”

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