With Web3 on the ascent, numerous engineers overall have started to investigate blockchain-based gaming top to bottom. Practically all Web3 projects share one idea for all intents and purpose which is the Metaverse. This term has been ascending in ubiquity since game designers began to re-make all genuine encounters inside a virtual, between associated world called Metaverse. The tasks in light of this idea have been tedious actually however OneRare desires to be different.

OneRare is the world’s first metaverse for food and expects to make a vivid, virtual experience for all foodies all over the planet. It desires to use the NFT innovation to make communications among clients and the culinary world more powerful. It intends to bring VIP gourmet specialists, well known cafés, fan-most loved cooking shows, and even food brands to the OneRare stage to empower commitment and make different adaptation opportunities.

The Gaming Zone element of OneRare Metaverse has two unmistakable NFTs – Ingredient NFTs and Dish NFTs alongside a local computerized token called $ORARE.

What might you at any point do in OneRare?

While OneRare is a stage where the two clients and brands can meet up and collaborate in significant ways. It likewise has some good times Play-to-Earn (P2E) perspectives that clients can appreciate. OneRare likewise has a committed Gaming Zone where clients can participate in different food exercises and investigate the immense metaverse. The gaming zone is additionally separated into different areas:


The ranch is the Play-to-Earn area of OneRare. Ranchers can stake $ORARE tokens to develop different fixings. There is no passage boundary so clients without land can likewise begin cultivating. There are remarkable six marking pools that clients can browse to acquire various fixings. These incorporate – Farm Fresh, Meat and Fish Co, Sunshine Dairy, Spice Village, SuperMart and The Good Grain.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market is the authority shop where clients can exchange various kinds of produce and NFTs. It is partitioned into two distinct classifications: Farmer Shops and Dish Sellers.


This is one of the most well known spots in the OneRare foodverse. Dishes from everywhere the world are highlighted in the kitchen. Each dish likewise has the expected fixings recorded and subsequent to obtaining the things from the commercial center, the client can make the ideal dish. In this cycle, the Ingredient NFTs will be scorched and the ideal Dish NFT will supplant them.

OneRare Playground

Although the Playground is a piece of the gaming zone of OneRare, it is generally not quite the same as the different sections referenced previously. The jungle gym highlights two smaller than usual games that clients can play utilizing OneRare NFTs. Dominating in these matches will permit clients to procure $ORARE tokens and energizing NFT rewards. The two distinct games are:


In this space based NFT game, clients are expected to take care of a ravenous hippo utilizing the fixings NFT. Players can take care of just a single fixing at a time. During any point in the taking care of cycle, the Hippo will be full and would, accordingly “vomit” all the Ingredient NFTs that it consumed. The last wallet address that took care of the Hippo would acquire every one of the prizes. This club styled NFT game will hold client interest by keeping the unexpected component alive.

Foodtruck Wars

Foodtruck Wars is a three-player (PvPvP) game. Clients should possess no less than two dish NFTs to partake in this game. When the game starts, they will be set in opposition to two other irregular players. Toward the beginning of the cycle, an irregular topic will be picked. A topic can comprise of a food, celebration, season or unique event. Clients that have different NFTs would then pick the two Dish NFTs that they wish to play with to match the subject. Clients that just have two NFTs should necessarily utilize the two of them. Members can set the cost of their dishes and afterward 100 recreated players will visit the food trucks. All reenacted players will likewise have specific inclinations that would decide their decisions. Toward the finish of three minutes (three in-game days) the client with the most deals will be proclaimed the winner.

How to Play?

Currently, clients can try out the Gaming Zone by going to the authority website and tapping on the Play on Testnet option. Clients should associate a wallet and change to Polygon testnet to begin playing the game.

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