“Frankly, we believe that this is an example of what the future of work looks like,” says Katie Bolla, accomplice in administration counseling for the GTA and purchaser and retail industry lead at KPMG in Toronto.

The metaverse seems to be a commonplace office space and it incorporates whiteboards, gathering tables, and can incorporate video and talk capabilities.

Because the device is designed according to a true situation, “it can create a more organic and immersive coaching and mentorship environment that supports high-performing teams and the management of teams in a hybrid work environment and also it injects some fun; a sense of exploration and some of those unique experiences that employees and teams have been eager for and asking for over the last 18 months to two years,” she says.

It was intended to permit any approved client to get to it, no matter what the stage, and is somewhat simple to get, as per Bolla.

“The metaverse offers that new opportunity and platform for KPMG employees, our partners, our clients to collaborate, learn, share ideas at work together, without those limitations or boundaries or physical borders,” she says.

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