Back in December 2021, Joe Rogan was addressing jokester Tim Dillion on episode #1753 of the JRE web recording about the Metaverse. Rogan wasn’t sold on the idea, yet Dillion made an honest effort to offer the Metaverse to the UFC commentator.

The jokester attempted to persuade Rogan to purchase “digital real estate” and begin his “own country” on the Metaverse stage. However, the podcaster wasn’t persuaded and gotten the portion going by saying:

“But how is this going to protect us from China? Isn’t that the real issue? They’re buying up everything.”

Listen to the full web recording below:

The pair then examined a plot of computerized land intended for Snopp Dogg, which actually didn’t assist Rogan with understanding the reason why someone would pay countless dollars for computerized land.

The UFC observer then asked about who gets the cash once the computerized land is sold. At the point when he was informed that it was the computerized land proprietor who gets compensated, Rogan said:

“That’s nonsense, it’s nonsense. There’s no land, but there’s no land.”

Watch the full web recording cut below:

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