Bruce Lee Club and PRIZM Group co-have “Revival of the Memory: Bruce Lee’s Home in Metaverse” for the 49th demise commemoration of Hong Kong hand to hand fighting genius Bruce Lee. To respect the tradition of Lee in film history and give his way of thinking and film expressions to the future, Lee’s old home “Crane’s Nest” is reproduced with VR innovation for culture safeguarding. In the mean time, a few Bruce Lee collectibles will be uncovered without precedent for the exhibition.

Apart from acquainting Bruce Lee with the new age, the task expects to work with commitment and permit fans all over the planet to visit the old home and recall recollections through NFT and metaverse.

The two gatherings cooperated with three understudies from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin) to replicate the “Crane’s Nest”, that was crushed in 2019, in the Metaverse. Fans all over the planet can “enter” the old home of this hand to hand fighting star, and experience vividly by taking part in a progression of collaborations. Later on, crowd may likewise get to movements of every sort and occasions held by coordinators through this Metaverse rendition of the “Crane’s Nest”.

The coordinators have welcomed The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design to give content thoughts, and eminent PC illustrations craftsman Shannon Ma as specialized expert. The completed undertaking will be sent off universally one year from now on the 20 July, Bruce Lee’s 50th passing anniversary.

According to the public statement, not exclusively will there be a point by point presentation with verifiable photographs and news cuts in the vivid VR experience, however crowds can see a one on one copy of the house which will be presented in the show. Also, various Bruce Lee collectibles including Bruce Lee’s penmanship of the “Water Philosophy”, a pendant planned by Bruce Lee to recognize the film Enter the Dragon, and safeguarded sections on the outside mass of Bruce Lee’s old home will be displayed.

Another feature would be the establishment to impersonate the popular scene in the film “Enter the Dragon” for guests to share this instagrammable second via virtual entertainment. The show is supported by e-installment stage Payment Asia, while a shop PR organization Six Degrees is liable for the PR of the project.


Wong Yiu-Keung, director of the Bruce Lee Club, said, “The structure was right off the bat changed into an inn after Bruce Lee died, and was once intended to be changed over into a remembrance corridor. Sadly, the arrangement was retired after various endeavors and the previous home was crushed. We maintain that individuals should find out about Bruce Lee’s last path by means of VR innovation, and see more about his ‘Water Philosophy’. The undertaking teams up with colleges and associations including three youthful understudies expecting to pass on the Bruce Lee soul from one age to another in unhindered formats.”

In a discussion with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, Wong added, “This exhibition started with a school project of the three students from IVE. They were required to do a project related to Chinese culture and were suggested the theme of Bruce Lee by lecturer. They found lack of knowledge and information online, therefore, they came to me for an interview. After I heard about their idea on recreating Lee’s house by using VR technology, I thought that’s interesting since our club have been striving for rebuilding ‘Crane’s Nest’ for years. Having the join of PRIZM Group, the project comes to this exhibition today.”

Jeffery Hau, head of PRIZM Group, said, “This exhibition showcases PRIZM’s latest application of Web 3.0 technology, and we will have more collaborations with different brands in the future – imagining we can build attractions, host concerts in the Metaverse and interact with co-creators and audience. Bruce Lee is a representative of cultural exchanges between the East and the West. This exhibition hopes to revive the traditional culture with the enablement of Web 3.0 elements and pass on Bruce Lee’s spirit to the next generation. As a digital marketing company, PRIZM will continue to embrace the latest technology to promote the cultural scenes.”

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