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Cardiology connects with the metaverse at Congress

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Cardiology Connects With The Metaverse At Congress

A coronary heart intervention surgical procedure performed by robotic by means of distant management has been showcased on the Oriental Congress of Cardiology.

Consultants mentioned cardiology has entered the brand new stage of the metaverse.

Annually, the congress over the weekend brings the most recent concept and latest know-how on cardiology. This yr, robotic and digital drugs are the most important subject.

“Metaverse provides a new view for medicine, since it can create a digital twin, which means a model consisting of the patient’s real data of biology, organ, tissue and cells,” mentioned Dr Ge Junbo from Zhongshan Hospital and chairman of the congress.

“Based on the digital model, doctors can forecast disease risk, do diagnosis, analyze treatment outcome and provide the best treatment.

“A affected person’s digital twin may have nice and large utility sooner or later. Although the route of metaverse in drugs is lengthy, it’ll undoubtedly convey new hope and benefit sooner or later.”

The congress has being a pacesetter within the area of cardiology within the nation and introduces new ideas annually.

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