Our Startups series takes a gander at organizations and originators who are improving in the fields of competitor execution, fan commitment, group/association tasks and other high-influence regions in sports. Assuming you might want to be considered for this series, tell us about your mission.

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World’s most brief short presentation: “Chibi Dinos is an entertainment brand with its roots in Web3 and gaming.”

Company: Chibi Dinos. “The word ‘chibi’ is a Japanese word for small, and dinos, clearly, because the NFT project revolves around dinosaurs.”

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Year established: 2021

Website/App: https://www.chibidinos.io/; https://pickem.chibidinos.io/

Funding round to date: “It’s a bit different in the NFT space. Original funding has come from the mint of the NFT, and then self-funded. We are in the middle of a token raise. So, it’s not a traditional equity race and we are 90% of the way through our token raise, which is just a different asset class. So, the selling of the token.”

Who are your financial backers? “The vast majority are the 3,600 individuals that purchased the mint of the NFTs. That is the retail route. In terms of private investors, companies like GSR, Polygon Studios, Master Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund. We’ve raised 3.3 million.”

Are you searching for greater venture? “Yes, always.”

Tell us about yourself, CEO Jeremy Lindblad: “I’m a born and raised New Yorker. After college, I focused my career on building experiences in lifestyle and travel companies for the most part. I had a stint in the finance and venture capital world at Bloomberg Ventures for Mike Bloomberg. Besides that, I’ve been focused on creating opportunities and experiences for closed user groups, typically in the luxury space, most recently working at Lindblad Expeditions, which is the foremost expedition travel company. Doing corporate business development over there, creating experiences for closed user groups, partners. What brought me to Chibi Dinos—I started as an investor into the company— was I saw an opportunity in the Web3 space for a very loyal and tight knit community of holders or investors, being those that have purchased our NFTs, and being able to provide them with an experience and a community platform where they could benefit financially,  personally, professionally and psychologically, and creating those experiences. Web3 has given me the opportunity to do what I’ve typically done in the real world in the digital space.”

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