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Collaboration Between Dogelon Mars and Publicis Sapient to Develop an AI-Powered Metaverse

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Dogelon Mars And Publicis Sapient Collaborate To Build An Ai-Powered Metaverse

After being largely absent from the tech headlines, the once-trendy metaverse appears to be making a comeback. Just this month, we’ve witnessed Google team up with Magic Leap to develop improved metaverse-focused augmented reality goggles, and The Sandbox raising $20 million in a strategic funding round vaulting its valuation to $1 billion. Additionally, McDonald’s Singapore just opened its metaverse called “My Happy Place”, while CitiBank recently confirmed it’s exploring ways to use the metaverse to enhance the customer experience.

While the metaverse industry has likely gained more interest and funding due to the recent Web3 revival, another key factor promises to reshape virtual worlds: AI. The rapid rise of powerful AI algorithms within the blockchain and Web3 space is beginning to spread to the metaverse, revitalizing interest thanks to its ability to enhance user interactions, data processing, powerful computer vision, avatars, 3D chatbots, and more.

A McKinsey report stated that AI technology will be crucial in the development and growth of what it believes will become a $3 trillion industry by 2030.

As the metaverse is poised to become the internet’s next frontier, disrupting industries, commerce, and the way we interact with content and one another, Dogelon Mars and Publicis Sapient have joined forces to build an AI-powered metaverse. Dogelon Mars, a community-oriented memecoin and ecosystem inspired by humanity’s desire to reach Mars, and Publicis Sapient, a digital business transformation company, plan to launch the virtual world known as “Dogelon: Land on Mars” in Q3 of this year.

“Dogelon: Land on Mars” will boost Dogelon Mars’s DAO-governed community by harnessing the power of AI to create a fully immersive and engaging user experience, allowing the ecosystem to benefit from new ways to interact while expanding on the memecoin’s narrative.

The Publicis Sapient collaboration brings the rich narrative behind the Dogelon Mars memecoin ($ELON), where its namesake character explores the great mysteries of the galaxy, to life. Dogelon Mars’s vibrant community will benefit from Publicis Sapient’s expertise and strategic guidance, providing it with a futuristic, AI-powered virtual world to enliven the story of Dogelon Mars. By cultivating a fun and creative way for its community to interact, Dogelon Mars is pioneering new ways for memecoins to create real-world value while boosting community engagement—breaking down some of the stereotypes associated with memecoins.

With Publicis Sapient’s guidance, a key AI feature being integrated into Dogelon Mars’s metaverse is the ability to terraform the landscape via an advanced text-to-3D generator, allowing users to create anything imaginable by simply inputting their wish. For example, users can request a picturesque cabin overlooking a pristine valley, and the AI system will create it in a 3D model in under a minute.

“We always knew building a Dogelon Mars-themed metaverse was a development that our project and our community would value, and it was a no-brainer to partner with Publicis Sapient to make our vision a reality,” says Mark Wilson, Marketing Manager at Dogelon Mars.

The soon-to-launch metaverse platform will run on Dogelon Mars’s Layer-2 chain Rufus, set to reduce gas fees and enable the development of a GameFi ecosystem. Users can burn Dogelon Mars’s native $ELON token to receive land in the future, with each parcel receiving 100 AI generations within “Dogelon: Land on Mars.” As the metaverse’s official currency, $ELON will be used to pay gas fees on Rufus.

Additionally, $ELON’s utility within “Dogelon: Land On Mars” unlocks access to exclusive NFT marketplaces, governance rights, community events, exclusive content and experiences, and much more.

Vlad Panov, Global Head of Web3 at Publicis Sapient, on the metaverse’s growth and potential said: “The metaverse is a concept that seems to be re-entering the public consciousness of late, and the limitless potential of AI is a major reason why. The renewed interest comes at a time when Web3 is beginning to thrive once again. As Web3 organizations of all types look for ways to expand their ecosystems and foster a shared sense of community, we are seeing a lot of interest in our metaverse services.”

As a strategic partner and consultant in developing its metaverse platform, Publicis Sapient’s Web3 Quick Start program delivers concepts and design capabilities, including the use of advanced AI tools, to clients within weeks, making it an early mover in metaverse-specific services. Last year, HFS Research named Publicis Sapient a “market leader in Metaverse services,” recognizing its numerous key strengths and differentiators in its ability to partner with clients to develop, test, and implement innovative and immersive experiences.

On the collaboration and expertise of Publicis Sapient, Wilson concluded: “As an early innovator in metaverse services and its expertise in Web3 customer experience, we knew Publicis Sapient would provide the perfect plan of action and work with us to ensure every detail was flawless.”


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