We all have inquiries regarding the metaverse. How might it work on our lives? How might it contrast from the web as we’ve come to know it today? How might we isolate truth from fiction? In his most recent book, Matthew Ball looks to give some lucidity by investigating the past, present and conceivable fate of the metaverse.

Defining the metaverse in 2022 is a piece like attempting to characterize the web in 1992. It’s considerably more challenging to make expectations about what was in store, considering that the innovation is still in its extremely earliest stages, and furthermore given the way that people don’t have the best history of anticipating the fate of innovation. (A valid example: the first “Blade Runner” was set in 2019).

There are unclear traces of what the metaverse will resemble and how it could ultimately shape the rhythms of our lives, yet it’s still too early to know precisely the way that it will develop. By the by, Matthew Ball’s freshest book — named “The Metaverse” — was written with an end goal to give a far reaching meaning of the metaverse, alongside an outline of “how it will revolutionize everything” (the book’s caption).

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