Aniplex and Lasengle are facilitating Fate/Grand Order board at the 2022 Anime Expo, however fans incapable to go to will have a spot to go to praise the game’s looming fifth Anniversary. That spot? The “Metaverse”. An exceptional Fate/Grand Order Metaverse virtual space was opened on July 1, 2022, permitting fans to see a few sights on their PC or portable devices.

Check out the tweet from the game’s true record advancing the Fate/Grand Order metaverse space. It merits bringing up that this is simply a 3D virtual space, and regardless of late relationship with the term “Metaverse”, has no association with NFTs, blockchain undertakings, or digital currency. The facilitating application Cluster is a “social VR” application like the famous VRChat, permitting clients to investigate and gather in virtual spaces, regardless of a VR headset.

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