Developing its most memorable assortment of “planet-based super sneakers” with its “#1 Series” presently accessible on its official webstore, EQLZ has now sent off a going with creative Web3 people group program. Named “EQLZ SOCIETY,” the drive remains as the world’s first metaverse tennis shoe accelerator.

EQLZ SOCIETY offers holders the open door to reconsider and make the cutting edge shoe items. The Genesis Project of EQLZ SOCIETY comes as “CAPSULE OCEAN,” 777 utility-empowered NFTs. Coming as a free mint to offer openness to the Web3 people group, the extraordinary reach depends on unique plan motivations of EQLZ’s #1050 idea model.

The send off is likewise joined by 777 sets of the #1050 model developed of 100% reused materials. Selective to “CAPSULE OCEAN” holders, accessible in various varieties, each shoe is extraordinary and exceptional.

Zeroing in on both this present reality and metaverse, EQLZ is focusing on rethinking shoes through its creating local area and coordinated efforts set for the not so distant future.

Make a beeline for EQLZ’s site and webpage for EQLZ SOCIETY to look further into the brand and Web3 people group program.

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