FWENCLUB is a curated blockchain platform that capabilities as a community for each, widespread creatives and their viewers, the place folx can take part in a consistently shifting ecosystem of genuine and distinctive artwork items that they could acquire or commerce. These works every possess their very own seal of authenticity, and such a social art market is typical of the rising NFT  artwork area that builds itself upon patrons vying for collections possessing completely distinctive items, in addition to works-as-editions. In April 2022, FWENCLUB launched its first Non-fungible know-how assortment, MOAR by famed Spanish cartoonist, Joan Cornellà, which reached the highest assortment as per 24-hour quantity on OpenSea. As their artist assertion states, “This is the story of a mansion in the metaverse called MOAR. It is a building occupied by 5,555 creatures with their souls minted by the ERC721 blockchain as NFTs. While the world is in the midst of a lockdown due to the invasion of aliens, guests staying at the MOAR, which include humans, zombies and cyborgs, live peacefully together. Each is unique and hand-drawn by Spanish artist Joan Cornellà, using over 180 salient attributes. MOAR is a rather unusual mansion where you can find shops, games and virtual exhibitions. Let us witness one of the greatest art and metaverse experiences together.”

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