This year, Harvard Business School’s MBA class of 2017 chose an alternate setting to have their yearly class get-together: the metaverse.

When the graduated class plunked down to design the occasion in December 2021, travel limitations and a flooding Omicron variation of COVID-19 implied it wasn’t clear when the class of 2017 would next be able to see each other face to face, Sean West, the occasion’s coordinator, told Insider.

Not excited about a mass video call, and used to gathering up several times each year, West concluded that a metaverse-based occasion would empower them to reproduce the sensation of being face to face, he told Insider.

90 individuals from 28 nations wore Oculus Quest headsets to watch their previous teacher, Ranjay Gulati, give a discourse about his new book, prior to going to a virtual court for a get up to speed.

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