On Thursday, the annual World Synthetic Intelligence Convention (WAIC) formally opened in Shanghai. This yr’s convention locations a heavy concentrate on the stylish subject of the metaverse, aiming to exhibit the combination of synthetic intelligence with the metaverse and to take a look at what the longer term holds for these applied sciences.

Ken Hu, rotating chairman of Huawei, mentioned on the opening ceremony that AI can solely understand its best worth when it’s deeply built-in into operation eventualities throughout all industries. He additionally known as for constructing a computing energy community, connecting completely different knowledge and computing facilities throughout the nation. In the meantime, he identified that as a result of highly effective machine studying fashions are pricey to develop and time-consuming, industries and educational researchers ought to crew up and collaborate to chop down “duplicated investment and development.”

Robin Li, co-founder and CEO of Baidu, mentioned numerous AI implementations the search engine firm adopts, comparable to autonomous driving and content material technology. He mentioned a few of the video content material on Baidu are generated by AI based mostly on revealed articles. These AIGC (AI-generated content material) prices solely a tenth of the price of human-created content material and a fraction of the pace.

“AI is critical in the metaverse due to the metaverse’s needs to adapt to changing environments and user preferences,” Qualcomm president and CEO Cristiano Amon mentioned on the ceremony, including that the processing of large knowledge within the metaverse will push the growth of AI processing functionality to edge computing, which can lead to extra large-scale deployment of AI functions.

One of many highlights of WAIC 2022 on the bottom is the “Metaverse Core Exhibition,” which focuses on the AI+Metaverse trade ecosystem, and particularly, examines the 2 dimensions of digital expertise and actuality show. Among the key expertise displayed embody numerous chips for AI fashions and servers, large-scale machine studying fashions, autonomous automobiles, and surgical robots, amongst others. Listed here are a few of the highlighted merchandise from our visits to the occasion:

1. Baidu’s machine studying mannequin Wenxin 

Synthetic intelligence has entered the period of growing large-scale machine studying fashions since 2018, integrating smaller and dispersed fashions into a robust one. 

In 2020, OpenAI’s NLP mannequin GPT-3 kickstarted the AI large-scale mannequin arms race. Google, Microsoft, Meta (previously Fb), Huawei, Alibaba, Huawei, and different tech giants have all grow to be concerned in it. 

Baidu’s large-scale mannequin “PCL-BAIDU Wenxin” is a generalized mannequin developed by Baidu for numerous basic eventualities and mixed with the capabilities of the Baidu Data Graph. It’s extensively used within the power, finance, and aerospace sectors. Baidu additionally makes use of the mannequin to supply AI portray to shoppers. 

Taking the artistic service platform “Yige” for example, it might probably generate work based mostly on the consumer’s textual content inputs. Two minutes after TechNode’s reporter entered “Godzilla in the Moonlight,” the system created seven completely different kinds of work and labeled corresponding use circumstances.

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