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Industry’s metaverse starts operations to boost productive sector

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Industry'S Metaverse Starts Operations To Boost Productive Sector

This is a machine translation of MDIC‘s press release

In an event held at the headquarters of the Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI), this Wednesday (30), representatives of ABDI, SPI Integradora de Sistemas, and the largest technology and industry companies in Brazil, in addition to the executive secretary of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC), Márcio Elias Rosa, gathered for the launch of MetaIndústria. The project, unprecedented in Brazil, places national industries on the route of the fourth industrial revolution and will boost the productive sector over the next 24 months.

The launch included demonstrations of the main technologies involved in MetaIndústria, such as the Omniverse, integration between artificial intelligence and production lines, and virtual and augmented reality environments.

MetaIndústria is the result of an agreement signed between ABDI and SPI – Integradora de Sistemas. Over two years, 100 Brazilian industries will participate – free of charge – in consulting sessions and face-to-face training. For Márcio Elias Rosa, the country will not be able to reach industry 4.0 without the dissemination and accessibility of technology. “The choice for sustainability, social and environmental responsibility and the strengthening of agencies like ABDI are obvious. Neo-industrialization is not a mere restructuring, we have to think about what type of industry we want for Brazil”, he said.

As for Igor Calvet, president of ABDI, the question is not about what industry 4.0 could be, but rather how to facilitate companies’ access to technologies available on the market. “This is ABDI’s role”, said Calvet at the opening of the event. “We encourage the dissemination of technologies and the preparation of Brazilian companies for the reality of industry 4.0. by all players in the market,” he added. More than 40 companies are collaborating with the project, including Nestlé, Braskem, São Martinho, Bio-Manguinhos, Petrobras, Dexco, Aché, GM and Boticário.


The Industry Metaverse is a dialogue between industries. “While some technologies fall into disuse for some, they are appropriated by others”, explained the manager of ABDI’s Technology Diffusion Unit, Bruno Jorge, one of the main creators of MetaIndústria. “Allowing the creation of this ecosystem with different industries, which agreed to share discoveries and advances with the entire market, is directly linked to our objective: to spread technology and generate an immediate impact on the productivity of the industrial sector. Experiences generated within this initial universe will expand and increase the positive influence and productivity in the country”, he concluded.

The project will focus on experiences and training in the areas of manufacturing, production, management, logistics, networks, teamwork and processes.

MetaIndústria will consolidate a complex formed by two engineering centers, one in São Caetano do Sul (SP) and another in São Leopoldo (RS), and four laboratories, one for digitization, another for automation and two more MetaIndústria Labs, one already in operation at SPI’s headquarters in São Paulo and another under development in partnership with Unisinos in Rio Grande do Sul.

Based on the metaverse concept, a cyber-physical platform, which unites the real and the virtual, is being structured by SPI specifically for this initiative and will demonstrate the solutions developed within the engineering centers. Participating companies will be able to follow these demonstrations remotely and in real time.

This will be possible because ABDI has recently invested in the construction of Data ABDI, a data-driven, multifunctional, multi-user and scalable space, which has 5G technology, equipped with digital immersion technologies and high resolution image, prepared to receive data in real time and analytical information from various technology platforms.

In this complex, technology solutions will be developed and tested that meet the demands of innovation in the business model of Brazilian industries and, at the same time, mitigate the uncertainties and risks arising from investments in innovation. This entire structure will also be the place for immersive training for professionals and managers, and where they will have access to innovation management strategies and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality.

“Industry 4.0 technologies have the potential to drive innovation in business processes, establishing a decisive competitive advantage. The experiences provided by MetaIndústria will serve as essential catalysts for this innovative transformation. For SPI, it is essential to strengthen its absorptive capacity in collaboration with our technological partners, customers and the Agency for the success of the business”, highlights the CEO of SPI, Marcos Barbosa.

Future Board

An advisory board, called the Future Board , makes up the project’s governing body and is made up of executives from Nestlé, Braskem, São Martinho, Bio-Manguinhos, Petrobras, Dexco, Aché, GM and Boticário.

MetaIndústria’s technology product and service provider partners are Qualcomm Serviços de Telecomunicações Ltda. (Qualcomm Brasil), SiDi (Institute of Science and Technology), Nokia, Nokia Bell Labs, Siemens, NVIDIA, Universal Robots, Rockwell Automation, Dassault Systèmes, Labsoft, Promon Engenharia, RVC, Eletronor, TD Synnex, N&DC, Dimensional, EDGE , Virtual Plant, ESS Consultoria, F2iT, Contric, ESSS, SGS, Phoenix Contact, Omron, Support, Cristina Cuppone Designer and KUKA.

“One of the main objectives of MetaIndústria is to show the concept of an ecosystem working in practice for industry 4.0, focusing on the needs of the Brazilian industrial sector. It is a project that involves three essential principles for any business of the future: collaboration, coordination and intelligent communication” , reinforces ABDI’s Technology Diffusion Unit manager, Bruno Jorge.

Learn more about MetaIndústria on the ABDI website .

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