How does one appropriately mature a soul refined in the metaverse? This probably won’t be an inquiry you’d at any point remembered to pose to preceding 2022. It just so happens, there’s a coherent thought process that drives straightforwardly to the subject of where online spaces and refined spirits converge.

It’s in the metaverse local area of Decentraland, where Jose Cuervo as of late settled a refinery — or, for this situation, a space wherein individuals can assemble, talk and take in different tequila-themed dreams, including a barrel maze.

What’s particularly fascinating — and eye-getting — about the virtual structure is its plan. As Dezeen’s Amy Frearson examined in a new article, engineering firm Rojkind Arquitectos and creators Bompas and Parr were behind the vibe of the space. And keeping in mind that there’s a fun loving thing about the structure’s outside, it likewise shares a scale and an impressive quality with a portion of the previous’ other work — including the Foro Boca show hall.

The virtual space offers a variety of games and exercises that guests can participate in, as well as friendly spaces to gather. It’s not Jose Cuervo’s just cutting edge move lately; the organization likewise reported a NFT last month.

Architecture and virtual spaces can make for an intriguing mix, and the metaverse isn’t the principal example that the two have joined. A 2007 article in The Guardian investigated the engineering side of Second Life — including one individual who made a computerized copy of the Mies van der Rohe-planned Farnsworth House. At times, the most attractive structures are those that it’s difficult to walk in.

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